The Leaf Maker

by Wickerbird

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Lost Tribe Sound
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Lost Tribe Sound A special kind of folk made by the cloud people... a gift to us! Favorite track: The Coppice / A Haunting.
Michael Keerdo-Dawson
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Michael Keerdo-Dawson The haunting textures remain, like the soundtrack to some 'dream western' from the 70s, but this time there is slightly more polish on the production making this Wickerbird's most professionally sounding album yet and one which might be my favourite on repeat listening. Favorite track: Vulpes vulpes.
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I've sailed here on a boat of broken boards, bourne aloft and made scabrous in the briny surf. I am this island, craven and lone and withered across the breadth of my borders, moldering at the creases where my sands meet the sea.

--September 25, 2015--


released September 25, 2015



all rights reserved



Ruminations and stories and the sounds that came of them.

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Track Name: Bugbear
i'm a fool for all ive done
left her body
at the dawning
of the cairn and carried on

and papa
know that we can't tarry long
show no folly
in the stalling
of the ferryman, charon

and oh--

I know not what I'm for
but my face by the fireside warms
alone in what I've known
but my faith in the firelight grows
and a face by the fireside shows

ill find my arbiter alone
in waters seething,
timber teeming,
not the leaves of ancient tomes

and papa
ill write my likeness in the stones
but never cheating
something fleeting
as every one of them erodes

and oh--

I know not what I'm for
but my face by the fireside warms
alone in what I've known
but my faith in the firelight grows
as i gaze on the mother of crows
Track Name: Riverborn
i'll hide what's hid
but tell me why,
tell me why again
tell me

signs on my skin
plying lines
where your hands have been,
scribing me

so tell me what it's for,
why the wilds want you, riverborn
all our bodies shorn
but the dust adorns you, ever more

i scried within
a bottled wine,
my mottled, witherin'

pines on the brim,
and in time,
the storms will snow us in,
but believe--
and believe--

that i know what it's for,
why the waters mourn you, riverborn
both our bodies formed
from the dust that haunts you, ever more

just tell me what it's for
what the wines afford you, riverborn
all my solace torn
that i may never know your winter's morn
Track Name: The Coppice / A Haunting
tell me why
the coppice lies
all alone.
sown inside
an isle by
someone gone.

their leaves will go
in columns of
red and gold.
the weaver knows
them all alone
by names of old.

O tell me where
the coppice fares.
I must go.
within the mould,
I've fallen there,
forever moored.

and gone are all
the follies of
satyr ghosts
fauning o'er
the colors
of their paper boats

when you were
something better
Track Name: Sail Cloth
i sailed down
upon the cold lake south
til the old lake house,
i neared

rend my mouth,
to rouse the hermit out,
who said his first-born foundered

i rowed for
the distant chalk-lined shore
where the magpies moor
and peer

laid my oars
within the pinestraw floor
and walked the arbor for
the seer

and she told me
what she told me...

(she said),

"ah ah ah
my name is summer
my name is winter
my name is fall

ah ah ah
my name is sunder
my name is wither
my name is squall

ah ah ah
my name is autumn
my name is sodden
my name is thrall

ah ah ah
my name's forgotten
my name is flotsam
my name is all"
Track Name: Vulpes vulpes
we wandered down
an archipelago
the sundered sound
the martyred manifold
that I have--

stolen from the stone
steeped in oceans old
steeped in my-


come ye

come ye,

come ye,
fir trees,

come ye,

come ye,

come ye,
round me,
Track Name: Danielle is The Pines
darling your ghost
lives in the wall
carving my bones
calling me to you

tracing the snow
where bear had before
but where you have flown
i can't go with you
i can't go with you

i'm no lazarus
a ghoul in the ground is huntin us
call him erebus
the fool in the garden's taken with farthins

darling the crones
of ills i have known
are withered and roan
and whispering always

words i have wrote
call you alone
and when you go
they will go with you
and wordless, i'll call to
the cold

i feel tenuous
the food of the fount is drying up
i seek genesis
a tomb in the garden, a womb out in walden
Track Name: Llewellyn
sleep, interred,
within old Avalon
steeped, withered,
in waters gone

reap your burnt
baubles from Babylon
but weep for naught,
for nothing's wrong

and though were still young
the wolves walk,
the rivers run
the wolves walk,
the rivers run,
the wolves walk in rivers

keep them furled,
our secrets, paper-bound,
beneath the burled
oak that we found

grieving birds,
the egrets gather round,
with words unheard
they call us now

and though you're still young
the wolves walk,
the rivers run,
the wolves walk,
the rivers run,
the wolves walk in rivers

higher, higher
higher, higher
higher, higher
Track Name: Sepulchre
you and I,
are older than northern light,
older than morning light
from whence the days arise

all we know,
ebbs away in mummer shows,
melts away like summer snows
that form the rivers I
have come to lay inside

birds I scried,
fast within the willows hide
faster than the wicker wights
that come to make the night

where they go,
on feathers that they never chose,
and whether they will go alone,
god knows, but they never die
and need not say goodbye
Track Name: The Candle Jar
We gave her
we sailed her out,
the breakers
where the waters
keep her now

the pyre
alights her gown
the briar
as the ocean
washed her down

the snipe and boar
laid stones on the shore
while the warblers
cried and mourned
till the cairn was formed

then wine was poured,
the pines sang of yore
and the night woods
whisper for
her evermore:

"all my fingers rue
the day that you,
holly, heather and
their brothers too
bared your bastard grins
and carried through
alabaster skin I never knew"

Her father,
sauntered from town
and faltered
as we heard him say

"O daughter,
i'll lay your crown
--an offering--
for the valley and the mount"

"Your sylvan wreath,
I'll cast for the trees
and your azure robes beneath--
they are for the seas"

"The winds will seethe
your name 'pon their teeth
and the waterfalls will weep
to have been bereaved"


every winter moon
shall wane for you
feathers in your hair--
where haybirds flew
bare your Nassau grin
and carry through
follow mountain winds--they're speaking sooth"
Track Name: The Leaf Maker
beside me,
my broken yawl,
my trawling

and falling,
the winter's pall,
all consumes
all consumes

(a dog in the doorway is wintering now)
(yes, the dog in the doorway is settling down)

beside me,
my broken awl,
my carvings

my darlings
i've killed them all,
save for you
save for you
save for you
save for you