by Wickerbird

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released May 29, 1990



all rights reserved



Ruminations and stories and the sounds that came of them.

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Track Name: hickory (Rough Demo)
sleepless nights
i have known, i have known
godless sights
in the road

and fool am I
to ignore,
blood-thinned hides,
never shown

but don your face,
in the room,
curl your names,
they have known, they have known

something I
could never hold, could never hold
faceless eyes,
in the road
Track Name: the sea weaver (Rough Demo)
darling, oh darlin
were you not quite enough
watching and waiting,
tearing your devils up

warm-dried and cold-lined
could you be agatha
purslane and parsley
calling your father's bluff

fall over me
fall over me
fall over me
fall over me

further and further
i'm not what i once was
sitting and sighing
farther from heaven's touch

colder and colder
spawned for the hours of
waiting and watching
tearing my devils up

fall over me
fall over me
fall over me
fall over me

fall over me
fall over me
fall over me
fall over me
Track Name: medicine man (Rough Demo)
hang her high
the birds i find out lyin'
in the road
I've built a sailboat

let her die
a whorl in knotty pine
hang me now
the chord I've never found

but you know,
with the birds I'll find your soul
where the gardens never gonna grow

calm your stormin'
labor's boring,
find your fording
never calmed me down